Workshop: Value Engineering and Planning of Ecological Buffer in Urban Rivers

Date: 23-24 January 2016

Venue: Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Iran

Organizer: RCUWM- Tehran

Participating Countries/Organizations: RCUWM- Tehran, TETCO, University of Tehran

Number of Participants: 45

Number of Female Participants: 15 (34%)


  • Defining ecological buffer zones in urban areas
  • Introducing the role of value engineering and planning ecological buffer zones in urban rivers
  • Explaining objectives and necessities of holding the workshop on value engineering
  • Presenting ecological buffers and areas in the metropolitan area of Tehran in urban development projects
  • Evaluating the riverbed concept and instructions on determination of flood fringe
  • Reviewing international experiences on defining ecological buffer zones and related instructions
  • Presenting experiences on urban river restoration with a focus on determination of ecological buffer zones

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