Director of the National Commission for UNESCO’s Natural Sciences, was appointed

With the decree of the Secretary-General of the UNESCO-Iran Commission and in line with the prospect of development, expansion and realization of the goals of the commission, and in view of the importance of promoting public awareness on the maintenance and preservation of national resources, attention to environmental and natural resources and the importance of protecting Iranian natural resources , Dr. Seyed Ali Chavashian, was appointed director of the Department of Natural Science of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran.

It is worth mentioning that Chavashian holds a PhD in Water from the University of Japan, who has many scientific, educational and executive backgrounds in the fields of natural sciences, especially those affiliated with UNESCO, including the director of the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM under the auspices of UNESCO). He is also a faculty member at the University of Science and Technology and is currently also a lecturer at the University of Tokyo. Read more …


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