“International Training Workshop on Adaptation to Water Scarcity and Basin-connected Cities”

8th Asian G-WADI &

2nd IDI Expert Group Meetings

Adaptation to Water Scarcity and Basin-connected Cities International Workshop along with the 8th Asian G-WADI and 2nd IDI Expert Group Meetings is planned to be held in Mashhad, Iran 10th to 12th of December, 2018. This event is hosted by Khorasan Razavi Regional Water Authority and in close cooperation with the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (under the auspices of UNESCO), UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office (UTCO), and UNESCO-IHP.

Up to date technologies and advances in water scarcity adaptation along with successful lessons learnt in the field of water resources management in arid and semi-arid regions will be presented and discussed during the workshop. This event will most probably bring around representatives from different countries of the world including Iran, Oman, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, China, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Sudan, Belgium, Slovenia and France.

One of the effective approaches regarding adaptation to water scarcity accepted by International Water Association (IWA) is Basin-connected Cities (BCC). The main aim of this new idea is to activate and make effective changes in facilities, cities, and related industries as services for basin-related organizations and other water stakeholders. The idea of BCC is a call for action in order to support smart water cities which help integrating planning, and assist urban managers to achieve the goal of providing fresh water sanitation facilities and clean environment to all inhabitants.

This concept presents an appropriate road map for BCC including water resources security, conservation of water quality and disaster mitigation. BCC also shows an overall view of the connection among urban stakeholders which play a vital role in water resources conservation. Disconnecting the process of water supply services has a huge impact on economics, environment, and sanitation. If this idea is appropriately taken into account it could facilitate the way toward adaptation to water scarcity in order to mitigate its impacts.

In this ration, the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM-Tehran) under auspices of UNESCO is planning to hold a workshop entitled “International Training Workshop on Adaptation to Water Scarcity and Basin-connected Cities”.


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