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GB Chair's Statements

Minister of Energy, I.R.Iran

“I believe that RCUWM with its active Governing Board Member States and Organizations could open a new horizon for precisely addressing regional water challenges at the highest level, leading us to more sustainable water governance.”

About Us

The Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM-Tehran) under the auspices of UNESCO

RCUWM has been established under the auspices of UNESCO since 2002 in Tehran-Iran in order to achieve goals of scientific research, technology transfer and capacity building in the region

Governing Board (GB)

RCUWM-Tehran Governing Board is the highest constituent for decision making

Governing Board members of RCUWM are water-related Ministers from different countries as well as representatives of Director General of UNESCO and other international organizations

RCUWM Agreement and ToR

Approved by UNESCO from 2018 to 2023

The agreement between the Government of Iran and UNESCO has been renewed, signed and exchanged for the third period of activities of RCUWM as for 2018-2023

RCUWM Director


Contact Us

Info@rcuwm.org.ir, +98 (21) 22911027-8

1st Floor, No 1, Shahrsaz Alley, Kargozar St., Dastgerdi Ave, Modaress Highway, Tehran, Iran

Info@rcuwm.org.ir,  +98 (21) 22911027-8

RCUWM-Tehran Functions and Three Main Activity Areas

  • Joint scientific research on water issues in the region

  • Sharing information and technology transfer

  • Documenting best practices and learned lessons

  • Conducting training courses and technical workshops

  • Utilizing information and communication technology

  • Technical consulting and advisory services

  • Publishing Books and producing multimedia

International Drought Initiative (IDI)

The International Drought Initiative (IDI) was approved by the 19th Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Program in Paris, France, July 2010.

and RCUWM-Tehran was assigned as the secretariat of this initiative by the Ministry of Energy, I. R. Iran.

IDI aims at providing a platform for networking and dissemination of knowledge and information between international entities that are active working on droughts.