The Centre is guided and overseen by its Governing Board as the most important decision making constituent at the highest Level according to the agreement approved by the General Conference of UNESCO. The main tasks of the Governing Board are:

  • Approve the medium and long term programmes of the Centre;
  • Approve the annual work plan of the Centre;
  • Adopt the rules and regulation and determine the financial/administrative procedure for the Centre;
  • Decide on the participation of regional intergovernmental and international organizations in the work of the Centre;
  • Examine the periodic independent audit reports of the financial statements of the Centre.

The Governing Board shall meet in ordinary session at regular intervals. It shall meet in extraordinary session if convened by its Chairperson, either on his or her own initiative or at the request of the director-general of UNESCO or of one-third plus one of its members.The Governing Board will follow its own rules of procedure as decided at the first meeting.GB member’s state are ministers from Iran (Chair), Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan and Turkey.

RCUWM would like to encourage the participation of Member States and Associated Members of UNESCO to join Governing Board of the Centre which by their common interest in the objectives of the Centre, desire to cooperate with RCUWM. Member States wishing to participate in the Centre’s activities shall send to the Centre notification to this effect.

3rd  Period of Activities Governing Board Member States and Observers (2019-2024)

Different countries and international organizations have been involved in the Governing Board of the Centre at the highest level (Ministers and Head of Organizations)

GB Member States in the First and Second Period of Activities