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River and Flood

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River and Flood2023-05-30T08:24:28+03:30

Transferring experiences and technical knowledge about integrated river management based on restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of river balance


According to extent of rivers in RCUWM Governing Board (GB) member states and relationship between rivers with other natural phenomena and human societies, effective management of rivers not only can control the flood risk usually caused by inappropriate human activities but also can make possible effective operation for everyone.

Therefore, countries in order to conservation and correctly operation of rivers, try to organize their long-term plans based on an integrated management perspective and river restoration and maintenance of river balance condition in a sustainable development framework. Some of the plans that can make this perspective possible are systematic floodplain management, improving the river restoration and rehabilitation approach, giving for room for the river, and development and use of geographic information databases. As a result, sharing experiences of RCUWM GB member countries could make it possible to achieve the final goal which is integrated and sustainable river management based on restoration, rehabilitation, and maintenance of river balance condition in sustainable development.


  • Conservation of rivers based on restoration and sustainable development
  • Appealing public contributions to the conservation and operation of rivers
  • Decreasing flood risk and damage
  • Strengthening general and specialized knowledge in the field of integrated river basin management especially in arid and semi-arid regions
  • Knowledge sharing on the case studies and successfully implemented plans in the region

Scope and Target Group:

  • RCUWM GB member states focusing on experiences of countries which have high potential of flooding

Outline of Activities:

Organizing a joint workshop consisting of several thematic and technical sessions on the following topics:

  • Getting familiar with advanced new methods for river training and also releasing and opening former floodplains and waterway, especially by restoration and rehabilitation of rivers.
  • Getting familiar with new policies and advanced methods of land use management in floodplains
  • Getting familiar with decision support systems including geographic information
  • databases specifically designed and developed for river management

Expected Outcomes:

  • Achieving the best pattern for floodplain management
  • Past experiences of RCUWM GB member states in the implementation of river restoration, rehabilitation and improvement plans
  • Completion and development of geographic information databases for river management

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