Preparation of a report/book on “Water Governance in the RCUWM Governing Board (GB) Member States”


Competition to access water resources is increasing as a result of population and economic growth and climate change in RCUWM GB member states. Most of these states are located in arid and semi-arid areas facing severe challenges in meeting future water requirements. Most of these challenges could be addressed through effective water governance. There are ongoing efforts in most RCUWM GB member states to further improve how water is governed. In this process, sharing experiences and lessons learnt in water governance reforms can be useful in guiding ongoing efforts.

Objective/ Motivation:

The objective of this project is to develop a report or book explaining current water governance settings in the RCUWM GB member states including general or to some agreed upon extent of detailed description of organizational/managerial, financial, legal and institutional, and social capacities. It can also include lessons learnt from ongoing or recent efforts dedicated to water governance reforms.

Scope and Target Groups:

Major target groups for this project are water sector government officials, legal system and public sector stakeholders in RCUWM GB member states. Research institutes active in the field of water governance and management in the member states can also participate in this project.

Outline of Activities:

  1. Establishment of a workgroup from representatives of RCUWM GB member states.
  2. Developing questionnaires for gathering information about water governance status in the member states
  3. Processing gathered information
  4. Developing the report/book
  5. Organizing workshops for the RCUWM GB member states to share the main outcomes of the study.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. A comprehensive document explaining water governance capacities and reforms in the RCUWM GB member states
  2. Networking between RCUWM GB member states for sharing success and failure stories in water management and governance educational workshops