First Regional Workshop on Climate Change (Impacts and Adaptation)

18-19 October 2023, Tehran, Iran




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Climate change is one of the most important phenomena that has changed in the climate of the earth’s hydro-climate during the last few decades. According to the definition, climate change is a process that occurs in long term due to changes in greenhouse gases concentration and significantly affects the earth’s weather processes. Research has shown that climate change has caused a significant change in the earth’s meteorological variables, particularly temperature and rainfall. Also, climate change has changed other processes that are related to human life (environmental impacts) for which changes in extreme events (such as floods, droughts, and heat waves), storms, crop water requirement, etc. are among the most important.

One of the most vulnerable natural systems to climate change can be called water resource systems. Climate change has many impacts on hydrological cycles and water resources and can be introduced as an important threat in the field of water resources management. The severity of this threat is different in various parts of the world. The prediction of the continuation of climate change in the coming decades also indicates that water resource systems will continue to be significantly affected by this event in future, and the impacts of this issue cannot be ignored. The severity of the effects of climate change is so wide that it will impact the economy and people’s livelihood. The most important reason for this issue is the reduction of available water resources due to climate change. Also, the change in human life patterns (which is caused by the increase in the level of public health and welfare resulting from urbanization), has increased the water demand, and for this reason, in many regions of the world water has become a limiting factor for development. Therefore, the challenge of water management under climate change conditions is one of the most important current and future issues in different societies.

The areas located in the middle latitudes of the world (including the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia) are among the areas that have a lot of climate diversity due to their geographical location. Due to the occurrence of several droughts in some countries located in these areas, water resources of the countries have faced serious challenges and any effect of climate change on future temperature and precipitation of these countries can worsen this situation.

In this regard, the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM; under the auspices of UNESCO) , in partnership with Iran Water Research Institute (WRI) and Iran Meteorological Organization (IRIMO), is planning to hold the “First Regional Workshop on Climate Change (Impacts and Adaptation)”, in Tehran, Iran, 18-19 October 2023. This event will lay a platform for interaction between experts in the region and aims to accelerate future research and major milestones in the discipline of climate change. More details about this event include the following:


Conference Theme

  • Climate change and its impact on climate patterns
  • Impacts of climate change on water resources
  • Policymaking for adaptation to climate change


  • Managers and experts from RCUWM Governing Board Member States (including 18 countries)
  • Government sector managers and experts in the field of climate change management in Iran (including the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Iran Meteorological Organization, Department of Environment, Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade)
  • Academic community and researchers in the field of climate change
  • Consulting engineers related to water and environment

Official language

The official language of the workshop will be English with simultaneous Persian interpretation.

First day (18 October 2023)

Title Speakers Time
Opening Ceremony ·   Ministry of Energy or  Deputy Minister of Energy for Water Affairs

·   Head of Iran’s Meteorological Organization

·   Head of Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM)

·   Head of Iran’s Water Research Institute (WRI)

Break Time 10:30-11:00
Workshop 1: Impacts of climate change on water resources according to the sixth assessment report of IPCC ·   Dr. Yashar Falamarzi, Climatological Research Institute, Iran

·   Dr. Fatah Masthawee, Senior Meteorologist, Hydrometeorological Sub-division, Thai

Break Time 12:30-13:00
Workshop 2: Climate change and its impacts on weather patterns ·   Dr. Ahad Vazifeh, National Center for Drought Monitoring and Crisis Management, Iran

·   Dr. Hamid Bastani, Project Officer, Energy Sector, World Meteorological Organization

Break Time 15:00-15:30
Workshop 3: Comparative analysis of multi-year forecast and multi-decade forecast of precipitation and temperature ·   Dr. Ebrahim Fattahi, Atmospheric Science and Meteorological Research Center, Iran

·   Dr. Iman Babaeian, Climate Research Institute, Iran



Second day (19 October 2023)

Title Speakers Time
Workshop 3: Impacts of climate change on access to water resources and it’s consumptions ·   Dr. Majid Delavar, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

·   Dr. Wassim Daher, Chairman and Director General @ Establishment of Water of Southern Lebanon

Break Time 10:00-10:30
Workshop 4: Successful experience for climate change policy-making ·   Dr. Saeid Morid, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

·   Prof. Mohammed Matouq, Professor of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Break Time 12:00-13:00
Workshop 5: Introducing collaborative capacities for adaptation to climate change in the region ·   Dr. Dariush Golalizadeh, Head of the National Center for Air and Climate Change of the Department of Environmental, Iran

·   Dr. Mohamamd Reza Farzaneh, Research Center for Environment and Sustainable Development, Iran

Break Time 14:30-15:00
Closing Ceremony ·   Head of Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM)

·   Coordinator of Workshop Scientific Committee





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