RCUWM  Publication and Networking Committee Functions:

  1. Assessing all suggestions for compilation, translation, and publication titles and their compliance with the center’s missions and strategic goals of the 9th phase of the Intergovernmental Hydrologic Programme (UNESCO-IHP), 2022-2029
  2.  Appointing a referee or a committee of referees for the scientific evaluation of proposed texts for translation and publication and deciding on how to follow up on them.
  3. Continuous monitoring of activities related to the compilation, translation, and publication of the center
  4. Coordination and steering affairs related to the publication of results and outcomes of studies and research conducted by other RCUWM committees
  5. Scientific networking and capacity building between national and international institutions (focusing on the GB member states) in order to provide and publish acceptable documents at national and regional levels
  6. Negotiating and following up to get financial and spiritual support for publishing documents of national and international institutes
  7. Developing an appropriate foundation in order to create scientific and thoughtful communications with national and international institutions
  8. Making a potent connection with RCUWM GB members to pursue approved proposals during the governing board meeting
  9. Making data bank of international activities of Iranian institutions in the water sector
  10. Publishing products and achievements of the center in a both physical and digital manner
  11. Advertising and informing RCUWM events
  12. Cooperation with other committees of RCUWM

RCUWM Publication and Networking Committee Members

Dr. Banafsheh Zahraie
Dr. Banafsheh Zahraiewater resources systems analysis, Climate change impact assessment and adaptation, water and environment education, water-food-energy nexus, decision support system design and etc.
School of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran
Mr. Alireza Salamat
Mr. Alireza Salamatwater and Energy Diplomacy
Ministry of Energy
Dr. Bahram Saghafian
Dr. Bahram SaghafianHydrology, Water resources engineering, Flood and drought risk management, Hydrometeorological forecast.
Civil Engineering Department, Science, and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran
Mr. Seyyedzadeh
Mr. SeyyedzadehWater and Wastewater Engineering
National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company
Dr. Reza Rouzbahani
Dr. Reza RouzbahaniWater Resources Management, Shared Basin Water Allocation, Water Conflict Resolution, and etc.
Water Research Institute, Tehran, Iran
Mr. Javad Hajiani
Mr. Javad HajianiWater Resources Management
Ministry of Energy

RCUWM Publication and Networking Committee Secretary

Mr. Saeed Alipoor
Mr. Saeed AlipoorCivil Engineering