Here you can find some of supplementary documents or files related to RCUWM activities categorized by event.
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Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Overview of Water Delivery in Emergency Cases in Tehran City

Water and Sanitation Facilities Resilient Infrastructure & Emergency Management

Water and Wastewater Company Report on 2018 Kermanshah Earthquake

Lessons and Resiliency Requirements, SarPol Zahab Earthqueke

Actions After SarPol Zahab Earthqueke by Rural Water and Wastewater Company

Demand Characterization and Management in Canal de Isabel II

Initiatives for Sewerage BCP in Yokohama City

Dutch Water Authorities Know, Learn And Improve Benchmark…

Water Safety Plan (Planning?)

Water and Wastewater Management in Small Communities

Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management For Small and Scattered Communities

JOHKASOU Packaged sewage treatment plant

Bruno Nguyen

Mr. Ahmadnasab

Mehmet Emin Akdogan

Faramarz Shohani

Parviz Ebrahimi

Alireza TakhtShahi

Francisco Cubillo

Kentaro Koide

Rombout Jongejans, …

Helena Alegre

Kazem Naddafi

Bruno Nguyen

Rui Owase

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