The First Session of National Hyrdrological Committee for UNESCO

The first session of “National Hydrological Committee for UNESCO” was held on 23rd of January 2019 by participation of member organizations’ representatives and chairing H.E. Dr. Reza Ardakanian, the Minister of Energy of Iran and Chairman of National Hydrological Committee in Iran Water Resources Management Company.

Dr. Hojatollah Ayoubi, as Acting Secretary General, and Dr. Abbas Soroush, as Deputy Minister of Energy and Vice-Chairman of this committee, as well as other representatives from administrative organizations, namely Jihad-e-Agriculture, Department of Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Iran Meteorological Organization, Directors of UNESCO Category 2 Centres and Chairs, and Representative of Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture participated in this session. The session’s agenda is as follows:

  • Handing out orders of committee membership;
  • Debating on the new agenda;
  • How to cooperate with UNESCO on the 8th phase of International Hydrological Programme (IHP);
  • Holding the second training workshop on “Boundary Rivers and mutual water resources between Iran and Afghanistan”

Furthure more, the following announcements have been made for the participants:

  • 23rd Session of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) Council has been held, by which Iran was announced as vice chair;
  • 26th Session of Regional Steering Committee for Southeast Asia and the Pacific has been held, and Iran is going to be hosting the 30th session;
  • Training workshop on “Water Scarcity” and “Basing-Connected Cities” along with 8th Asian G-WADI and 2nd IDI Meetings has been held by RCUWM;
  • Providing brief report regarding related activities by members.

After providing description about functions and expected outcome of this committee in Iran and abroad by Dr. Chavoshian as the secretary of committee, elaboration of participants and using guidance of H.E. Dr. Ardakanian, steering plan of the committee was announced to be presented to the members by the appropriate time.