Memorandum of understanding between the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (under the auspices of UNESCO) and the National Centre for Strategic Research on Water and Agriculture

This memorandum of understanding has been signed and exchanged. The goals of this memorandum of understanding are as follows:

Transferring and developing science and technology and capacity building and enhancing the working environment of the water sector including water resources management, flood and drought utilizing new technologies via collaborating with international scientific societies, active presence in international meetings and facilitating introducing of research achievements and I. R. Iran experiences in specialized assemblies.


  1. Improving national and international research activities,
  2. Improving the capacity and power of the two centres in terms of scientific and professional subjects and enhancing the level of training which are presentable at the national and regional level to modify working environments in the agriculture and water sector,
  3. Conducting meetings, conferences and joint scientific workshops at national, regional and international levels to increase awareness of stakeholders and economic activists in the water and agriculture sector,
  4. Developing scientific, research and technological collaborations using the capacity and power of two sides and other national and international references,
  5. Establishing joint professional committees to conduct scientific talks in the water sector,
  6. Collaborations in performing projects and joint researchable plans to conduct scientific talks in the water sector,
  7. Collaboration in performing projects and joint researchable plans and using scientific capacities of two sides to present them to governing authorities and working environment activists, collaboration in translating and publishing books to increase awareness of the society and modifying working environment.