Date: July 2005- February 2006


This demonstration project, supported by RCUWM-Tehran and partly funded by ESCAP, is part of the process to establish a range of in-house water savings measures which could be form the basis for a city-wide water efficiency plan for Tehran. It is noted that there are a range of other measures, such as financial incentives and legal/regulatory measures, but due to the limited time frame available, focus under this project is on technical and public awareness measures.

The overall objective was to achieve measurable progress in improving the utilization efficiency of water resources by replicating best practices in water-use efficiency in urban areas, and through more efficient water-use, attain quantifiable improvement in water supply delivery thus enhancing the quality of life and the environment in urban areas.

The pilot program was conducted over a 6-month period to be completed by the end of November 2005.

An International Workshop was held in Tehran, February 2006 to present the recommendations formulated. Several resource persons were invited to present their experiences achieved in relevant fields to the workshop themes.