Date: February 2017- Ongoing


By expanding communication between communities and governments in the international arena and the need for engagement to increase mutual understanding and establish legal frameworks for the expansion of relations, transnational and multilateral arrangements gradually emerged as a means to facilitate negotiations and tools for promoting regional and international institutional cooperation.

The main aim of this document is targeted and effective communication with transnational arrangements and participating

in regional and international events. This document is prepared and developed by the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM-Tehran) in close cooperation with Ministry of Energy Water and Wastewater Department and expresses the required operational plans under the following three main themes:

  1. Cooperation and networking
  2. Contribution and active participation
  3. Capacity building and training
  • To achieve the desired situation in each of the mentioned themes, the strategies are as follows:
  • Communicating with international centers and institutions and directing relevant activities
  • Effectively attending major international events
  • Transferring experiences and advancements of the country›s water industry in international forums
  • Managing the Iranian Hydrological Committee and effectively participating in the eighth Phase of the Hydrology Programme
  • International Drought Infinitive (IDI)
  • Training skilled personnel
  • Collecting and transferring appropriate international experiences and localizing them
  • In addition, each of the strategies including one or more operational programs that explain how they are implemented in order to meet the challenges of the water industry using various international capacities and localization.