First Governing Board Meeting

Date: 18th May 2002

The first Governing Board Meeting of RCUWM – Tehran was held in May 18th 2002. H.E. Mr. Bitaraf, Minister of Energy, I.R. Iran and Chairman of RCUWM – Tehran Governing Board, Prof. A. Szollosi-Nagy, as the representative of Director General of UNESCO attended this Meeting.

H.E. Mr. Bitaraf being appointed as the first GB chair, the following items were proposed, discussed and adopted:

  • Criteria of membership of the countries and regional or national organizations and also the procedure of correspondence for invitation to countries and organizations
  • Preparation and Codification of the Governing Board Rules of Procedure
  • Organizing the Planning Conference
  • Defining new projects for activating the Centre
  • Other issues


Various measures have been taken to involve more members in the GB. In this regard, the importance of becoming a member of the Centre’s GB has been highlighted during different meetings held with regional countries authorities and other interested countries / organizations. The achievements include new memberships from different countries, Bangladesh, I.R. Iran, India, Kuwait, Egypt, Germany, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan and various organizations such as IWA, Wageningen UR in the Netherlands, TIWA – Norway, UNESCO-IHE and UNESCO. These memberships were approved by the Director General of UNESCO and they assumed office in the Second GBM.