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National Water Scarcity Adaptation Working Group

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National Water Scarcity Adaptation Working Group

National Water Scarcity Adaptation Working Group

Formation of National Water Scarcity Adaptation Working Group at the end of last year (1396), has shown a changed approach to water management in Iran. This working group is going to make an effort to make right what Supreme Water Council hasn’t worked on, such as reducing water scarcity tension and moving forward to a better situation in water-related issues with the presence of all ministers.

Iran’s Council of Ministers in the 6th of Esfand meeting-chairing by the president of Iran, Dr. Rouhani- approved the formation of this working group and targeted it to the objectives of essentials accommodation for adapting to water scarcity in different regions of Iran with a decision making role.

Determining principals of water scarcity distribution for different demands, planning and coordinating for cropping pattern adaptation to water scarcity in every region, supporting different scarcity-resistant strategies of each and every province aiming at socio-economical problems, and also collecting reports from different decision makers are a few objectives of this working group.

Iranians have been adapting to climate change, especially in water related issues; In addition to this, although Iranians themselves have been planning and executing water resources management throughout thousands of years, in the second meeting of the working group, the manual of style for this working group has been approved by its members to improve this aspect. Based on the suggestion made by the participants of the second meeting, members of the committee in this working group have been selected and presented. The main mission of this committee is determined to institutionalize demand management.

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