RCUWM Networking Committee Functions:

  1. Developing an appropriate foundation in order to create scientific and thoughtful communications with national and international institutions
  2. Making a potent connection with RCUWM GB members to pursue approved proposals during the governing board meeting
  3. Making data bank of international activities of Iranian institutions in the water sector
  4. Publishing products and achievements of the center in a both physical and digital manner
  5. Advertising and informing RCUWM events
  6. Cooperation with other committees of RCUWM

RCUWM Networking Committee Members

Mr. Farahnakian
Mr. FarahnakianElectronics Engineering
Ministry of Energy
Mr. Hajiani
Mr. HajianiWater resources management
National Water Resources Management Company
Mr. Seyyedzadeh
Mr. SeyyedzadehWater and Wastewater Engineering
National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company

RCUWM Networking Committee Secretary

Mr. Saeed Alipour
Mr. Saeed AlipourCivil Engineering