RCUWM Research Committee Functions:

  1. Providing requirements of Iran and other GB member states in urban water management, flood, drought, non-conventional water resources, climate change and etc sectors, and conducting scientific research related to these sectors
  2. Facilitating localization of required instruments of the water sector via connecting employers to the knowledge enterprise companies
  3. Facilitating and supporting the issuance of technical and engineering services to GB member states and other countries
  4. Holding scientific meetings with the participation of specialists in RCUWM-related activities
  5. Holding scientific conferences in RCUWM-related activities
  6. Facilitating access of researchers to data needed for regional research
  7. Supporting from the related thesis and international university projects of university students

RCUWM Research Committee Members

Dr. Seyed Mostafa Siadatmousavi
Dr. Seyed Mostafa SiadatmousaviOceanography and Coastal Sciences
Iran University of Science and Technology
Dr. Saeed Morid
Dr. Saeed MoridWater resources management, Drought, Climate change, transboundary river basin and hydropolitics and application of RS and GIS in these contexts.
Department of Water Engineering and Management, Tarbiat Modares University
Mr. Hamid Reza Kashfi
Mr. Hamid Reza KashfiWater, Sanitation and Environment
Ministry of Energy

RCUWM Research Committee Secretary

Dr. Zare Zadeh
Dr. Zare ZadehWater Resources Engineering
Ministry of Energy