Publication: “Development of a Multivariate Standardized Index (Rainfall-Runoff) For Drought Frequency Analysis


Drought is one of the catastrophic events which has always imposed a huge socio-economic damage. Pro-active approaches such as drought risk management, drought risk mapping and monitoring have a high priority compare to reactive approaches and crisis management in order to minimize drought damages. In this paper, a standardized multivariate drought index (MSDI) using rainfall-runoff data (1972-2010) has been developed based on the concept of Copula for Rasht Basin in Guilan Province in the north of Iran next to Caspian Sea as well as Lake Urmia Basin in the northwest of Iran. The result encouraged application of MSDI for draught risk mapping in addition to traditional drought risk indices such as SPI.

Keywords: Copula, Drought frequency analysis, Lake Urmia Basin, Multivariate standardized drought index (MSDI)

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