Publication: “Toward Blue-Green Plan in Taleghan City”

Date: September, 2018


Urban planning is a process, concerned with determining different urban mechanisms and land use, considering widespread aspects of cities and human settlements, including components like infrastructure, environment, water, and air. Unfortunately, water as one of the most vital aspects of urban planning, has not directly been considered in Iran cities’ comprehensive master plan. Therefore a lack of “Water Comprehensive Master Plan” is of obvious. For example, water in Tehran’s Comprehensive Master Plan (2007) has been mentioned only by green zones, indicating greeneries and water resources like urban rivers/ waterways, but not an indicator solely for water. Considering threats and opportunities made by Blue Zones –water resources like rivers, qanats and lakes in the city-, defining and placing a blue layer in Urban Design seems necessary. In this study, cooperation between “Regional Centre on Urban Water Management under the auspices of UNESCO (RCUWM-Tehran)” and “Saint Omer Urbanism and Development Agency” in France has been inaugurated to add the blue layer -water zones- in addition to other urban layers to Taleghan’s Comprehensive master plan as a case study. It is worth mentioning that generalizing the idea of “Blue-Green Plan” at the end of this study may make it possible for Iran cities to adopt Water Comprehensive Master Plan.

Key Words: Water Sensitive Urban Design, Riparian Zone, Urban Planning, Urban Blue Layer

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