Date: October 2016Ongoing

Main Objectives:

Water security is defined as sufficient, safe, affordable, and clean water to lead a healthy and productive life for all human beings, where communities are protected from floods, droughts, and water-borne diseases.

This project aims at bringing the concept of water security into practice to support sustainable water governance. In this methodological research, the complex concept of water security is measured by weighted indicators based on different socio-economic and environmental aspects of water such as livelihood, economy, health, environment, water-related hazards, and finally water diplomacy.

The results are presented in the form of a National Water Security Atlas (NWSA) of Iran addressing different layers for each aspect of the water security concept. The D(driving forces), P(pressure), S(state), I(impact), R(response) conceptual model (DPSIR) is used  as  the  framework  of  the individual indicators to assist decision makers in using a multi-level information, to develop nation-wide policies, plans, and programs for water  governance.