Publication: “Water Conservation: A Guide to Promoting Public Awareness”

Date: May 2003

This handbook points out that the water crisis today is not limited to Asia and the Pacific. The crisis is not only related to severe shortage of water but also to the crisis of water resources management and supply systems.

The need for water conservation has been explained in the first chapter of the book and has been used in four areas of water management including: environment, water resources, irrigation and water resources, and sewage collecting systems. The second chapter describes how to prepare the strategy for protecting water resources at both national and regional levels.

The role and responsibilities of water organizations are implementing awareness raising programs for water resources conservation is described in chapter 3.

This manual proposes a structural management approach in the water conservation knowledge program, including monitoring and evaluation as presented in Chapter 4. The results and suggestions presented in the last chapter are based on the views of experts from different parts of the world.