Date: March 2014- March 2016


A strategic program for seven river valleys in Tehran was placed in the agenda of   architecture and urbanization deputy, Tehran Municipality in 2012 in concern with the proposals of Tehran Master Plan. On the other hand, regarding the proposals of Tehran Storm- Water Management Master Plan, the necessity to complete and continue the studies on Tehran river valleys strategic plan was considered with river basin management approach as well as river buffer zone. Therefore, Tehran rivers and Qanats restoration and engineering master plan proposed by Deputy of Technical & Development Affairs, Tehran Municipality Directive was included in the Second 5-year Plan of Tehran Municipality (2014-2018). According to this, Tehran municipality was obliged to formulate Tehran rivers and Qanats restoration and engineering master plan. RCUWM was considered as a facilitator to this project.

Main Objectives:

Presenting new approaches on urban river restoration according to Tehran river conditions

Constituting, planning and organizing steering committee meetings of Tehran river restoration Master Plan

Capacity development and facilitating governmental stakeholders to participate in the project

Training, capacity building and preparation of standards and instructions for urban river restoration

Main Outcomes:

  1. A) Books:

The 1st National Conference on Urban River Restoration – A guide book

Introduction to urban river restoration and training – A guide book


  1. B) Important reports:

Training and capacity building measures report

Framework of terms of references on urban river restoration report

A Terminology about urban river restoration

Report on Tehran river restoration objectives

Report on how to participate stakeholders in river restoration projects

Proposal report on river restoration projects


  1. C) Meetings:

Organizing steering committee meetings, governmental stakeholders’ meetings, and professional consulting engineers

  1. D) Workshops:

The 1st National Conference on Urban River Restoration – 9 May, 2016

Water Quality Measurement and River Health Sheet (10 May 2016, Second day of National Conference on Urban River Restoration)

Main Objectives:

Completing the river health sheet in different aspects of river environment health issues such as directly discharging wastewater to the river, existence of trash and producing wastes, easy access to the river and suitable city development in waterfronts, status of riverbed and river fringe in terms of safe passage of flood, etc.

Water quality measurement using test kits such as PH, COD, Nitrate, Phosphate, etc. in order to involve the residents in restoring their rivers

Presenting international experiences on river restoration projects