The International Water and Wastewater Operation & Maintenance Fair

 (With Focus on Promoting Resilience), (5-9 May 2018, Tehran, Iran)

The 3rd exhibition’s approach was to promote resilience in the water and wastewater facilities

Providing proper services and promoting the utilization of water and wastewater equipment and facilities while facing further water stress or natural hazards have been considered as one of the most important missions in the national scale for water utilities.

The National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company and Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (under the auspices of UNESCO) have organized “The 3rd International Water and Wastewater Operation and Maintenance Festival (With Focus on Promoting Resiliency)”, which held in Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition Center, 5th-9th May 2018, Tehran, Iran.

The goal of this event was to introduce domestic capabilities and productions, exchange scientific and technical achievements, and praise the honest effort of those involved in the operation of the water and wastewater industry in the national domain. The 3rd festival has been welcomed by many countries in the world. Representatives from France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan attended this festival and exhibition.

There were also various international associations such as the UNESCO, UN-HABITAT, IWA, Water Operators Partnership, Paris Water Company, UNESCO- IHP, Dutch Water Authorities, WHO, JOHKASO, MLIT, JICA, and … presented in the 3rd exhibition. In this festival 13 technical workshops and panels were organized in order to raise awareness and capabilities of managers and experts in the field of water and wastewater industry and the experienced international and domestic lecturers contributed to enhance the technical knowledge and capacity building of the participants. The 3rd exhibition’s approach was to promote resilience in the water and wastewater facilities. In this regard, several workshops were to be held in order to transfer the world’s new technologies and experiences.

Festival and Workshops Topics

1- Resilience and Emergency Management

  • Emergency Management (ICS & NIMS)
  • Resilience & Business Continuity I
  • Resilience & Business Continuity II

2- Adaptation to Water Scarcity: Demand and Consumption Management

  • Promotion of Social Adaptive Capacity (New normal, public participation, Media and PA, etc.)
  • Advances in NRW (e.g. Leakage and Pressure Management)
  • Unconventional Water and Dual Piping System

3- Advances in Water & Wastewater Quality

  • Water and Wastewater Safety Plan
  • Water and Wastewater Quality Monitoring

4- Advances in Water and Wastewater Utilities

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment and Water Distribution Network
  • Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management for Small and Scattered Communities

5- Smart Management of Water Utilities and Distribution Networks

  • Smart Management of Water Utilities and Physical Asset Management in Practices

6- Financing and Physical Asset Management

  • Private Public Participation (PPP)
  • Physical Asset Management in Theory and Practice

More than 3000 experts have visited the Fair and also more than 1000 participants have been participated in 13 training workshops.

Worth noting that all presentation files and materials which have been presented during these 13 workshops are available at RCUWM website. (