Many of the problems in the field of water and sanitation are due to lack of consumers’ awareness and also inadequate attention of managers. As a result, improving existing conditions require promotion of public awareness in this area. Meanwhile, media play an important role in changing the general view on the key issues such as water. Specifically, media by assisting people in a better understanding of water could be a reason to find the solution to cope with problems and also encourage the managers and decision makers to pay more attention in this section. This requires sufficient knowledge of journalists in the field of water.

Trained journalists are familiar with the methods of collecting data and appropriate news dissemination. Training qualified journalists in the field of water requires capacity development by holding courses, workshops and training programs. In this regard, the Regional Center of Urban Water Management in close cooperation with National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company intend to organize training workshop on ”water and media, national, regional and international perspective” from 16 to 19 November 2015. We hope to observe the promotion of journalists’ knowledge, improvement in the quality of reports prepared and last but not least increasing awareness among citizens.


The main goals of this event are promoting journalists knowledge and awareness on the key issues related to the field of water and wastewater, identifying existing capacities and aligning it with the needs, quantitative and qualitative promotion of the articles prepared on subjects and improving water news networks and creating a dynamic and active cooperation of the media with the aim of promoting general awareness and in order to achieve the determined goals.