Several UNESCO-IHP representatives like Mr. Koen Verbist and RCUWM representatives (i.e., Mr. Alireza Salamat, Mr. Reza Roozbahani, and Mr. Naser Dehghanian) attended the meeting to discuss how to align IDI activities with the strategic plan of IHP-IX. In this regard, Mr. Verbist explained IDI alignment with the IHP-IX. Then, Mr. Salamat and Mr. Dehghanian presented the activities conducted under IDI since its establishment and also the proposed plan and road map of the IDI which are in line with the IHP-IX. It is decided that RCUWM as IDI secretariat based in Tehran submit the proposal to renew IDI based on UNESCO documents such as “A framework for the planning, implementation, and monitoring of flagship initiatives of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme” released by UNESCO in 2022.