The impacts of climate change on human life have been noticeable in
recent years. The increase in the occurrence of large floods as well as
long droughts is a part of the direct impacts of climate change on
water resources. Therefore, it is necessary for all countries, especially
those which are located in arid and semi-arid regions, to be prepared
for these new conditions. The first step of this path is to revise and
update policies of the countries’ water sector in a way that their water
resilience increase.

As a mission and duty of the Center for promoting water resilience in
its’ Governing Board member states, assistance to revise their policies
for better dealing with climate change impacts has been placed on the
agenda of the center. In this regard and with the support of the
Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, RCUWM defined
a research project entitled ‘National Strategies for Adaptation to
Climate Change in Water Sector’ under the guidance and supervision
of the Iranian Water Research Institute. Also, the capacities of Iranian
universities and water experts were employed by RCUWM to carry
out the project. Moreover, their applicability was evaluated in one of
Iran’s river basins (i.e., Tasht-Bakhtegan basin, Fars province).
Considering the successful experience of the aforementioned project,
the center is ready to implement similar projects by involving the
Governing Board member states and taking benefit of their academic
capacities and experts.

Mohammad Hajrasouliha
Director Feb 2023