Adapting Urban Water Systems to Climate Change

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دانلود نسخه پی دی اف

كتاب سازگاري سامانه‌هاي آب شهري با تغيير اقليم؛ راهنمای تصميم‌گیران در سطح محلي

ترجمه و چاپ: مرکز منطقه ­ای مدیریت آب شهری تحت پوشش یونسکو با مشارکت مرکز بررسی های استراتژیک ریاست جمهوری

زمان انتشار: تابستان 1397

هدف اصلی این کتاب ارائه مهم‌ترین جنبه‌های مدیریت آب شهری با توجه به پدیده تغییر اقلیم است. در این کتاب جزییات اثرات تغییر اقلیم بر سامانه‌ها و خدمات آب شهری تشریح شده است اما به مباحث علمی و دلایل وقوع تعیر اقلیم کمتر پرداخته شده است. به همین خاطر […]

Publication: “Urban Water Economics”

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Publication: “Urban Water Economics”

Date: May 2019

Brief Description:

In this publication, the theoretical and applied subjects related to water economics are investigated from different perspectives. Water has to be considered as an economic good rather than a social service at a fixed rate. Our intention is not only to address the theoretical concepts of water economics but also to describe their application in water and wastewater services.

Download Book Urban Water Economics (PDF, 7.79 MB) [...]

Research Publication: “River Restoration, a strategic approach to planning and management”

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Research Publication: “River Restoration, a strategic approach to planning and management”

Date: to be published by 2019

Brief Description

This book presents a framework for a more strategic approach to planning and implementing river restoration measures. The framework is designed to balance the multiple roles performed by river systems and to support river restoration that better aligns with the broader social, economic, and ecological objectives for a basin. In addition to describing the history and evolution of approaches to restoration, the book considers issues including: setting restoration goals and objectives; assessing the costs and benefits of restoration measures; prioritizing restoration measures; […]