Date: 25- 26 February 2005

Venue: Tehran, Iran

Co-organizers: RCUWM-Tehran, UNESCO

Participating Countries/ Organizations: Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Oman, Syria, Tajikistan, ALTERRA, CEP, IDB, Sharif University (Iran), TIWA, UNDP, UNESCO, UNHCR

Number of Participants: 37

Number of Female Participants: 3 (8%)


The Planning Conference was held aimed at establishing a project portfolio for future programme and work plan of RCUWM-Tehran. The main objective of holding this conference was to attract funding. This goal will be followed by organizing a Donors Conference which is supposed to be held later.

The participants attended this conference from different research organizations, potential donors from funding agencies, National Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations, etc.

During this conference the funding policies and strategies were discussed and deliberated. Project proposals prepared by various entities were presented and put into discussion and their priorities to be worked on were defined.

The following projects were selected to be presented during the Donors Conference:

  • Health and Safety in Municipal Water Reuse of Irrigation
  • Demand Management in Urban Water Supply
  • Management of Quality and Pollution Risk at Sources and Distribution of Drinking Water Systems
  • Flash Floods in Urban Areas, Risk Management
  • Poverty Reduction by Equitable Urban Water Governance
  • Improvement of Stakeholder’s Dialogue in Urban Water Management at various levels.