Conference: Water Management in Islamic Countries Forum

Date: 19 – 20 February 2007

Venue: Tehran, Iran

Co-organizers: RCUWM-Tehran, UNESCO, ISESCO, PWUT

Participating Countries/ Organizations: Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan

Number of Participants: 160

Number of Female Participants: 33 (21%)


  • Main Challenges of water resources management in the Islamic Countries
  • Strategies and priorities on water resources planning and management
  • Institutional arrangement and capacity building in the water sector
  • Water quality management
  • Demand Management and improvement in water use and allocation efficiency
  • Non-conventional water resources
  • Management of mitigation strategies of droughts and floods
  • Groundwater protection
  • Potential cooperation between Islamic Countries in the water sector including transboundary issues