Date: 27-28 June 2016

Venue: Vienna, Austria

Organizer: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna

Participating Countries/Organizations: River Experts from all over the world

Number of Participations: 30

Number of Female Participations: 15 (50%)


  • To create the knowledge base required for a holistic scientific assessment of the state of the World Large Rivers (WLRs)
  • To promote their integrated and sustainable management
  • To analyze the current state and the future development of the WLRs
  • To establish a platform to build, facilitate and harvest hydrological science synergies between countries and to provide education and training at technical and tertiary level
  • To develop innovative strategies for the sustainable management of the WLRs for the benefit of both humans and nature, while recognizing the individuality of rivers
  • To assess future trends of river hydro-morpho-ecodynamics in order to develop and test adaptation and mitigation strategies