The Regional Centre on Urban Water Management Planning Conference in part fulfillment of the assignment to Rodenhuis Consult by UNESCO – Paris under contract 4500020525. The objective of this contract is to assist in the preparation of an action plan, including fund raising actions for the Regional Centre for Urban Water Management (RCUWM), Tehran, through a Planning Conference to be held in Tehran from 25 to 26 February 2005, followed by a Donor’s Conference later in 2005. The Contractor will assist in setting the scope and structure of these events, advising on contacts with international organizations and donors and in the generation of a portfolio of proposals.

Article 2 of this Contract requires the Contractor:
• to participate actively in the Planning Conference – Article 2.1,
• assess the project proposals, issue recommendations – Article 2.2,
• prepare a working document to assist RCUWM-Tehran in the preparation of a Work Plan for the Center, including setting priorities and scope in the medium and long-term, and assist in the generation of an Action Plan and a portfolio of projects for the next two years – Article 2.3,
• prepare a working document on fund raising strategy and procedure for channeling the project proposals into the Donor Conference – Article 2.4.

The Contractor should submit to UNESCO for approval, not later than March 15, 2005, a report on the Planning Conference containing the elements referred to in Article 2.2 – 2.4.

The present report is the required report in fulfillment of Article 2.