Date: 11– 14 February 2006

Venue: Tehran, Iran

Co-organizers: RCUWM-Tehran, UNESCO, UTCO, UNESCO- IHP, UNESCO- New Delhi Cluster Office, UNESCO- Cairo Cluster Office

Participating Countries/ Organizations: England, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan

Number of participants: 25

Number of Female Participants:


  • To understand and master the principals of IUWM’s key linkages to and interactions with: governance, development activities, poverty reduction, sanitation and access to safe water, hygienic living conditions, quantity and quality of freshwater, environmental concerns, resources recycling, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • To provide the lead trainers with basic sets of educational and training tools in the key principals and themes of IUWM so that they can run awareness raising and capacity building actives at national level based on regional, national and local problems and needs
  • To assist the trainers with compelling, customizing and adopting course materials for use in the country’s setting and planning of further capacity building at regional, country and local governments while strengthening networking at various levels
  • To discus with the group the contents and the structure of the draft TOT manual and identify the deficiencies in the final draft of the manual
  • Proposals for networking