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///Training Activity

Virtual Field Trip to Support Active Learning in Water Management

2022-09-21T12:50:32+04:30 6th December, 2021|

Urbanization has impressively evolved over the past two centuries. Taking into account that, more than 50 percent of the world’s population live in cities as well as its growing trend, urbanization has become a global phenomenon. Although the high density of urban population has benefits such as reducing the cost of providing services, development of human settlements around the river banks cause changes in the quantity and degradation of the water resources quality and has negative consequences on the rivers.

In line with sustainable urban river management, the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM) has held a virtual field trip from […]

Series of Workshops on “Essential Quality Assured Data and Information for Integrated Urban Water Management”

2022-09-21T12:53:28+04:30 23rd November, 2021|

The International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC) and the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM) are planning to organize a series of workshops (online and in-person) during the period of 2021-2024. The main objective of these workshops is improving urban water management in Western and Central Asia by discussing important roles of quality assured data and information at basin level.

Objectives and Motivation
An important motivation is the creation of regional network of entities and experts who are managing water-related data from interested RCUWM Governing Board Member States (Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, […]

A webinar to discuss 2021 World Water Day Report (Valuing Water)

2022-09-21T12:37:12+04:30 29th May, 2021|

The webinar on World Water Day Report Discussion, Valuing Water, was held virtually via Microsoft Teams on 1 June 2021, with participation of around 200 water experts.

This webinar was organized by RCUWM in close cooperation with UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office.

Please download world water day 2021 executive summary and facts and figures report, and the lecturers’ presentations through the  following buttons:

World Water Day 2021- Executive Summary Report World Water Day 2021- Facts & Figures Report 1.Valuing Water Infrastructure (Mr. Hajrasouliha) 2.Valuing Water Services (Mr. Kashfi) 3.Valuing Water in Socio- Economic Activity (Mr. Shahnian) 4.Valuing Water Resources (Mr. […]

Regional Training Workshop on “Advances in Remote Sensing Application in Water Resources Management”

2022-09-21T12:38:16+04:30 17th February, 2020|

Participating Countries /Organizations:60 experts from 13 countries

Number of Participants: 60

Number of Female Participants: 22

Main Objectives

The main objectives of this regional training workshop have been to:
• introduce recent developments in remote sensing information and satellite-based products (e.g. precipitation and soil moisture) as well as their applications,
• promote the exchange of experience and knowledge among participants and,
• discuss development and application of Decision Support System (DSS) using remote sensing information.

E-Learning Videos

E-Learning Videos: Catchment Delineation in QGIS_Part 1

E-Learning Videos: Catchment Delineation in QGIS_Part 2

E-Learning Videos: Catchment […]

8th Asian G-WADI & 2nd IDI Expert Group Meetings

2019-09-16T13:37:35+04:30 16th January, 2019|Tags: , , , |

Participating Countries /Organizations: 20 experts from 12 countries,

Number of Participants: 200 ,

Number of Female Participants: 86

Main Objectives

8th Asian G-WADI Meeting Objectives:

  • Increase regional cooperation for sustainable development of arid and semi-arid zones
  • Sharing national/regional experiences in groundwater management and finding solutions for sustainable groundwater harvest/extraction;
  • Providing information on current UNESCO-IHP programmes in relation to groundwater management and water management in arid zones (G-WADI);
  • Networking among the groundwater institutions and specialists with regional water policy making authorities;
  • Sharing knowledge on adaptation to water scarcity; strategies and approaches.

2nd IDI Expert Group Meeting Objectives:

  • To develop synergies between the two programs of UNESCO, namely International Drought Initiative (IDI) and UNESCO […]

Training Workshop: Water Sensitive Urban Design, Design and Implementation Criteria

2019-09-21T12:55:07+04:30 14th November, 2018|

Training Workshop: Water Sensitive Urban Design, Design and Implementation Criteria

Date: 14 November 2018

Venue: Isfahan, Iran

Organizers: Iran water and wastewater association (IWWA), Isfahan University of Technology, Water & Waste Water Company of Isfahan Province, Water and Wastewater Company of Iran

Number of Participants: 25

Number of Female Participants: 12

Water Scarcity is known as the condition when water demand exceeds water supply in a region. Increasing competition over water resources in human settlements particularly in urban areas, has not only risen conflicts amongst water consumers, but also made a huge impact on different aspects of urban natural characteristics, water table reduction […]

Training the Manual: Promotion of International Activities in the Water and Waste Water Sector

2019-09-18T08:58:19+04:30 29th July, 2018|

Date: July-August 2018

Venue: Niroo Research Institute – Tehran, Iran

Organizer: RCUWM-Tehran

Participating Countries/ Organizations: Iran, Regional Water Authorities

Number of Participants: 185

Number of Female Participants: 19 (10%)


  • Promoting the participants’ knowledge on international interactions
  • Establishing effective communication with international entities and active participation in regional and international events

Integrated Water Resources Management

2019-09-18T09:07:53+04:30 1st July, 2018|

Date: 1 – 3 July 2018

Venue: Tehran, Iran

Co-organizers: Iran Water Resources Management Company, RCUWM-Tehran

Participating Countries/Organizations: European Union representatives from Europe and local authorities from Iran

Number of Participants: 335

Number of Female Participants: 112 (33%)


  • Water Governance
  • Water Allocation
  • Water Economy

Workshops and Technical Exhibition: Third Water and Wastewater Festival Operation and Maintenance Capabilities in Water and Wastewater Industry

2019-09-18T09:24:37+04:30 5th May, 2018|

Date: 5-9 May 2018

Venue: Tehran, Iran

Co-organizers: RCUWM-Tehran, NWWEC

Participating Countries/ Organizations: France, Iran, Japan, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands

Number of Participants: 1200

Number of Female Participants: 436 (36%)


  • Demand and Consumption Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Water & Wastewater Quality
  • Water and Wastewater Utilities
  • Smart Water Utility-distribution Management
  • Financing and Physical Asset Management

Technical Visit: “Non-Revenue Water”- Germany

2019-09-18T09:11:24+04:30 30th April, 2018|

Date: 30 April -6 May 2018

Venue: Bilateral (Iran & Germany)

Co-organizers: RCUWM-Tehran, German Water Partnership

Participating Countries / Organizations: NWWEC and PWWEC

Number of Participants: 18

Number of Female Participants: –


  • Site visits and knowledge sharing