Date: 19-22 October 2009

Venue: Tehran, Iran

Co-organizers: RCUWM-Tehran, Ministry of Energy- I.R. Iran, Ministry of Jihad-e Agriculture- I.R. Iran, Iranian Committee on Large Dams, Forest, Range and Watershed Management Organization, Iranian Water Resource Management Company, Water Research Institute, FAO

Participating Countries/Organizations: Iran

Number of Participants: 30

Number of Female Participants: 3 (10%)


  • Getting familiar with the different methods of precise assessment of sediment inflow and calculation of its volume on the basis of proper data and information as well as methods sedimentation study in reservoirs in the studying and design phases
  • Getting familiar with the different methods of sediment control and watershed management in the upstream area of the dams in order to reduce sediment inflow and consequently with structural and non-structural activities to control sediment
  • Familiarizing participants with sediment removal
  • Providing the participants on opportunities to share their ideas and view-points