Date: 9-12 November 2009

Venue: Tehran, Iran

Co-organizers: RCUWM-Tehran, Economic Cooperation Organization, IWPRD Co

Participating Countries/Organizations: Iran

Number of Participants: 40

Number of Female Participants: 5 (13%)


  • Proposing to establish a Centre namely the ECO Regional Centre on water in Iran in order to facilitate the communication between the CEO member countries to achieve the goals of mutual cooperation between ECO member state
  • Organizing and holding similar workshops annually in the CEO member countries in order to share knowledge and experiences in the field of hydropower and dams’ technologies in CEO member states
  • Strengthening mutual cooperation between the ECO member countries and international entities in the field of water with the support and collaboration of other parties such as UNESCO
  • Sharing experience on the development and implementation of hydropower projects in the private sector