Training Workshop: Water Sensitive Urban Design, Design and Implementation Criteria

Date: 14 November 2018

Venue: Isfahan, Iran

Organizers: Iran water and wastewater association (IWWA), Isfahan University of Technology, Water & Waste Water Company of Isfahan Province, Water and Wastewater Company of Iran

Number of Participants: 25

Number of Female Participants: 12

Water Scarcity is known as the condition when water demand exceeds water supply in a region. Increasing competition over water resources in human settlements particularly in urban areas, has not only risen conflicts amongst water consumers, but also made a huge impact on different aspects of urban natural characteristics, water table reduction in aquifers and drying rivers are as examples, in which many cases lead to irreversible conditions.

One of the latest approaches taken by many international institutes, including International Water Association (IWA) is “Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)”, by which the goals of integrated urban water management are to follow, specifically proper urban water cycle, holistically leading to sustainable urban planning. Principles and criteria of this topic which aim for decision makers to take a holistic approach and help urban planners to achieve clean freshwater supply as well as sewage systems for inhabitants were presented at this workshop.


  • Principles of WSUD
  • Different Approaches in WSUD
  • WSUD Literature Review
  • Basis of WSUD I
  • Basis of WSUD II: Legislation and Socio-economical assessment
  • Latest Methods of WSUD
  • Q&A