Webinar On “COVID-19 Pandemic: Charting New Normal for Urban Water & Wastewater Services”

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Rational and Objectives
Water and wastewater services are categorized as ‘essential services’, and therefore continuity of Water and wastewater services are categorized as ‘essential services’, and therefore continuity of these services notwithstanding external disruptions is critical. Disruption caused by the Pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of business continuity planning in water and sanitation sectors. Water utilities across the globe have reported following key issues faced during the current pandemic:
• Limiting the impacts of […]

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RCUWM Governing Board Meeting (GBM-2020) was held as a video conference due to COVID-19 pandemic

RCUWM GB Meeting was held online (e-meeting) on Wednesday 23 September 2020, 10:00 am, GMT with the participation of delegations from 16 countries including

At Ministerial Level/ Head of Water-related National Authorities: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Syria, and Tajikistan

At Vice Minister/Deputy Ministers/ Director Generals/ Head of Organizations: Armenia, Egypt, Germany, India, Oman, Switzerland, Turkey, Uzbekistan

As well as representatives of international organizations including


Among the most important issues discussed at the meeting was joint projects and transfer of experiences in the field of urban water management, support […]

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چگونه از طریق آزمایش و آنالیز فاضلاب می توان میزان شیوع ویروس کرونای جدید را آشکار کرد

ترجمه متن منتشره در نشریه معتبر نیچر، تاریخ انتشار 15 فروردین 1399 مطابق با سوم آوریل 2020

برای مطالعه اصل مقاله به زبان انگلیسی و رعایت حقوق مؤلفین لطفا به لینک زیر مراجعه فرمایید:


ترجمه توسط: مرکز منطقه ­ای مدیریت آب شهری

خلاصه نکات مهم:

مواد ژنتیکی ویروس بیماری کووید 19 (به اصطلاح RNA) در فاضلاب قابل ردیابی است. آزمایش فاضلاب تصفیه­ خانه ­ها می ­تواند به عنوان روشی برای برآورد تعداد کل مبتلایان و روند تغییرات به شمار رود.


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How sewage could reveal true scale of Coronavirus outbreak

برای دریافت ترجمه فارسی اینجا را کلیک کنید

Wastewater testing could also be used as an early-warning sign if the virus returns.

by: Smriti Mallapaty

More than a dozen research groups worldwide have started analysing wastewater for the new coronavirus as a way to estimate the total number of infections in a community, given that most people will not be tested. The method could also be used to detect the coronavirus if it returns to communities, say scientists. So far, researchers have found traces of the virus in the Netherlands, the United States and Sweden.

Analysing wastewater — used water that goes […]

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Regional Training Workshop on “Advances in Remote Sensing Application in Water Resources Management”

Participating Countries /Organizations:60 experts from 13 countries

Number of Participants: 60

Number of Female Participants: 22

Main Objectives

The main objectives of this regional training workshop have been to:
• introduce recent developments in remote sensing information and satellite-based products (e.g. precipitation and soil moisture) as well as their applications,
• promote the exchange of experience and knowledge among participants and,
• discuss development and application of Decision Support System (DSS) using remote sensing information.

E-Learning Videos

E-Learning Videos: Catchment Delineation in QGIS_Part 1

E-Learning Videos: Catchment Delineation in QGIS_Part 2

E-Learning Videos: Catchment […]

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Regional Training Workshop on “Advances in Remote Sensing Application in Water Resources Management” Muscat, Oman

The Regional Training Workshop on Advances in Remote Sensing Application in Water Resources Management has been held in Muscat, Oman on 17-19 February 2020 as one of the approved proposals of the 10th RCUWM Governing Board Meeting which had been held in 5 December 2019 in Tehran, Iran.
This event has been hosted by the Ministry of the Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR), Sultanate of Oman and co-organized by MRMWR and RCUWM.
Around 60 participants from member states of RCUWM Governing Board, of whom 37% were female, and from states including Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, and Turkey […]

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Third Period of Activities of RCUWM

The 10th meeting of the UNESCO Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM)’s Governing Board in Tehran has been held. Dr. Reza Ardakanian, Minister of Energy of I.R. Iran and GB Chair said the RCUWM regional center in Tehran was established as a hub for cooperation among the countries of the region.

“It has been largely welcomed as we are in an arid region which has been plagued by wars in recent years. Wars that have caused extensive damage to the infrastructure of some countries in the region,” he said.

“Of course, transferring knowledge and experience from other parts of the world and […]

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Tenth Governing Board Meeting

5th December 2019

Tehran, Iran

Participating Countries and Organizations

  • A) Members at State Level: 16 Representatives of Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan and Turkey
  • B) International Organizations: UTCO as the UNESCO DG representative and the representatives of international and regional organizations including UN offices in Tehran (UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP, FAO, UN-HABITAT), WMO (video message) along with IsDB
  • C) Observers: Representatives of ECO, SDC, JCCME and Oman Water Society


  • Reviewing the activities of the Centre during 2013-2019 as well as its future events and financial […]
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Adapting Urban Water Systems to Climate Change

دانلود نسخه پی دی اف

كتاب سازگاري سامانه‌هاي آب شهري با تغيير اقليم؛ راهنمای تصميم‌گیران در سطح محلي

ترجمه و چاپ: مرکز منطقه ­ای مدیریت آب شهری تحت پوشش یونسکو با مشارکت مرکز بررسی های استراتژیک ریاست جمهوری

زمان انتشار: تابستان 1397

هدف اصلی این کتاب ارائه مهم‌ترین جنبه‌های مدیریت آب شهری با توجه به پدیده تغییر اقلیم است. در این کتاب جزییات اثرات تغییر اقلیم بر سامانه‌ها و خدمات آب شهری تشریح شده است اما به مباحث علمی و دلایل وقوع تعیر اقلیم کمتر پرداخته شده است. به همین خاطر […]

Publication: “Urban Water Economics”

Publication: “Urban Water Economics”

Date: May 2019

Brief Description:

In this publication, the theoretical and applied subjects related to water economics are investigated from different perspectives. Water has to be considered as an economic good rather than a social service at a fixed rate. Our intention is not only to address the theoretical concepts of water economics but also to describe their application in water and wastewater services.

Download Book Urban Water Economics (PDF, 7.79 MB) [...]

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